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As of the moment: January 27, 2017, this site no longer exists.

So, I happened to come across this website called "Chatabout" while I was searching for some means to earn online. This site pays its users for being active like leaving sensible comments, creating topics, doing surveys and many more.

Here is how you earn:

For every activity that you do, there is a corresponding points that will be credited to your account. They do have a list of how many points you can earn in a certain activity. They also have "Daily Goal" where whenever you are able to achieve your daily goal points, a corresponding points will be awarded to you. Once you reach the minimum points for pay-out which is 1000, you can cash it out through Amazon gift card or Paypal. Just continue to be active everyday. Leave good comments to each and every topics that you read, create your own topics, ask questions, create discussions and answer all bonus offers. This is all you have to do to earn points.

My personal experience:
Ever since I joined ChatAbout, I have been able to gain new knowledge. The activity for each registered users there are quite very productive. I haven't reached the minimum pay-out yet since I have been very busy with other stuffs. But I am totally going to stay active with this site and hope for the best. 
This site is not a means of making money online. If you want some extra few bucks, this is a worth-to-try place but definitely not a monthly-income site. Once I reach the minimum payout threshold, I will immediately post it back here to let everyone know.

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