I Hate You Bubblews!

I have never written any post about my two years experience in Bubblews. But now, I gotta speak up. I am so pissed off with what they have done to me and I am not expecting any reply from their admin anymore. I just really want to say these things and clarify everything PUBLICLY. Hoping that the Bubblews community will be able to read this post of mine in the long run.

I came across the site i guess about two years ago from a certain blog while I was searching for websites where I could earn online. I tried signing up there and there where only  few bubblers back then. I became active with the site. Tried to learn a lot of things but I have always kept their rules and regulations in my mind. Doing my best not to violate any of them. Writing and posting my own hard worked articles, actively give out sensible and long comments. Not the copy-paste ones as I hate those kinds of comments. Until I was able to reach their minimum payout which was $25.

After 2 weeks from requesting a cash-out, finally! I was paid. But then I got a bit lazy and post about 1-2 articles per month. But I still communicate every now and then to all my fellow bubblers. Until one day, I signed-in and saw that the community has a lot of users already. Those users where really spammy and gave all copy-paste comments asking for connections. I didn't mind those spammers as I was just trying to be loyal and doing my best to keep the community clean.

After about 6 months from my very first redemption, they changed their rules and made it $50 cash-out. I was okay with it since I don't really see anything bad about it. And then I reached $50 purely by creating long original posts, connecting to Bubblers whom I think are very interesting (As I dont like a lot of connections), give out long comments based on their articles, and liking all the articles which only seemed to be interesting for me. I finally reached $50+ and decided that it was the perfect time to cash-out.

However, my cash-out request was in a very bad timing. They posted another new set of rules but I was still confident since I never violated any of their old and even new rules. Until January 2015 came and I never received my cash-out. I have never received even a single penny for the 6 months + of being active and loyal to the site.

But here is the worst part. The BUBBLEWS ADMIN even accused me of having two accounts! What?? Are you serious? Two accounts? I only have one Paypal account with one email address. I used it while signing up to that community. I never tried opening another account since I dont have any other Paypal account and you accuse me of doing such a thing? That is a major lie! You should have asked me about this "other unknown account" and resolved everything first before suspending my hard work. Now, I cannot get all my old articles which I made for all those long years.

I reached from their admin and they promise a response. Its been two months and no response was received. Who are you kidding? If you dont want me anymore in your site, You could just send me an email saying that you dont want me in your community anymore and give me back all my articles since you have never paid me. I deserve an explanation and I deserve to get my articles back!


People, if you are not living in America and Canada, then please, do not sign up with Bubblews. They wont pay users living outside the two countries. They will just create lies and accuse you of doing something that you never did. They will just earn from your articles but will never pay you since You ARE A WORLDWIDE User.

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