Pancake House at Limketkai Mall-Food Review

Me and 2 of my siblings are starving and decided to eat something different at lunch time. So toddah! We arrived at Pancake House in Limketkai Mall. The store is located front of Smart Communications at the North Concourse of the mall.

So overall very simple food review:
We decided to order 3 types of pancakes. The one above is a banana caramel pancake (i think the name is wrong but im sure it has a caramel syrup). This is what i have ordered and consumed. Since I was a bit hungry (very hungry), i immediately finished the first pancake. Then I got full so it is a bit difficult for me the really consume the 2nd piece.

The caramel is tasty but it's too sweet. I have to realize that banana is a good add-on. It gave a variety flavor to the food than just the usual boring pancakes. But be sure to put just enough amount of caramel cause it might start a gross nauseated feeling once you get your stomach full. The size of the food is exactly more than enough of what i need or maybe i think i got full immediately because i drank some fruit shake just before i started eating my food. Nonetheless, i enjoyed the food so much as well as my siblings.

we have a happy tummy. so, yey! for the food :)

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