Love is On The Air

The New Year is still on however, February is now fast approaching. The love month is going to be a big view for the whole human race.
Loving someone other than yourself is a good feeling to have. But, being loved in return is a better emotion. It will take you to the cloudnine. It may not seem so easy to find the one that you truly love and the one that will give it in return.
Love does not only necessarily need a partner or the like. You can actually get it everywhere! There are different sorts of this feeling.

The Love from the Father Up Above

We are so blessed to have a Creator with a kind heart that had given us the life that we have always dreamed of. God is so good that He gave His only begotten son to just to save us from our sins. We should also offer our life and love in return for all the favors that He had given to us; not only during Christmas but also now. We can communicate to Him in our prayers and meditation and also by reading his word.
A Motherly Love

The warm embrace by a mother will never be replaced by anything. It is so precious and priceless. This love is so pure and expects nothing in return. As a son/daughter, we should not forget to thank our mother, not only during the mother's day, for all the sacrifices that they have been through for us. For 9 months they have been carrying us inside their womb, protected us, and cared for us. Let us now give the favor in return.

Love A Friend

Friends are like the window in seeing who you really are. They are like your sisters/brothers that would do anything for you. These are the people that will always be there during your ups and most especially when your down. They are just a call away. Friends can bring laughter to your face and even cry with you at the corner. It time to give the love that they do deserve.