DIY SnowFlakes Nail Art

Hello everyone!
I would like to expand my experience in DIY nail art. It's December and I just had a thought to create a "Christmas-like" nail art design. I basically used the Frost theme.

I used SNOWFLAKES in the my designs. They're not that professionally looking but I love them. Materials I used: -nail art brush -3 colors of nail polish: navy blue, magenta and white -clear/colorless nail polish

What I did: note: let the nail polish dry before applying another color
1.) colored my nails with magenta as a base color
2.) use the navy blue color and design it like a french tip
3.) with the white color nail polish, designed my nails to snowflakes like designs using a nail brush .
4.) I just searched through the internet the different designs of snowflakes and paint it using the nail brush
5.) just use your imagination and paint whatever you want!

my old nail polish: Christmas theme:

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