Online Work: Bitlanders

Bitlanders is a social networking site where you can post almost about anything and get paid for it. It basically works like Facebook but you get the chance to earn while socializing. You can basically post your blogs, micro blogs (also known as status), videos and pictures.

There are 2 methods of earning through this site. First is through all of your posts, every time someone "buzzes" any of your posts whether it be your blog, picture, videos or micro blogs, you will receive an ample amount for it. Second method is by referring it to other people. There is an opportunity of earning 20% from the total earnings of your referrals through Buzz scores.

Buzz scores are gained from your activities. Every time someone subscribes, you earn. The higher your score is, the greater income you will get. However, their currency is through "bitcoins." You will have the opportunity to withdraw your bitcoins in your Paypal account once you reach a minimum of B 0.2 which is equivalent to $10. But there is a big catch, new members will need to wait for 75 days before they can withdraw their income.

Honestly, I am new here at Bitlanders and it is just my 6th day. I am still learning more about this site and hope for its credibility. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my activities there. The members are very generous with terms of giving me a buzz and subscribing my account and I do the same for them in return. I still have 69 days to go before I can withdraw my earnings and see if this site really works. Until then, I will keep everyone updated.

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