Respect Us: We Are Nurses

I have passed the nurse licensure exam in our country and I am very proud of it. However, nurses in the Philippines are facing a sad reality now. One person who is now running as a senator here in the Philippines has recently disrespected us- nurses. It's like she has looked our profession down. When in fact she doesn't even know even half of the information about our profession.
As I have posted in my Facebook account: " one knows even half of our sacrifices than those who are nurses already and studying as a nursing student. It's a big slap in our face calling us room nurse or nurse on standby inside the ward. we do more than that. and we do deserve some respect. It's a sad thing that not all people here in the Philippinesare respecting our PROFESSION.
Filipino nurses are one of the most skillful, talented, intelligent nurse in the whole wide world. Other countries are giving respect to us but we are being looked down in ourcountry..--. such a pity
If anyone will try to study nursing, I suggest you do it by heart. because even if you have the brains but you don't have the passion, you will never survive this profession..."
Nevertheless, I am happy that this person running for senator has already apologized. I hope this one will become a lesson to each and everyone that nurses are not just a mere caregiver. We are more than that!
As what one of the PLC lecturer's posted in FB maam JLo "...Doctors are the BRAIN of the hospital.. The nurse is the HEART of the hospital.. If the BRAIN fails.. The HEART will manage but if the HEART fails... Nothing will manage... PROUD TO BE A NURSE..ARE YOU???..."
The difference between the nurses here in the Philippines and caregivers is that ours isa profession. We have studied everything for 4-5 years including summer classes. We have studied general information on what a doctor, Doctor, pharmacist, dietitian  medical technologist and even the radiologist. We basically know everything that we need to know. 
We nurses doesn't only work inside a nurse station. We work holistically inside or outside the hospital premises. We don't just give out medications ordered by the doctor. We specifically give care physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. 
We don't just discharge patients because the doctor tells us so. We also give out care even if our salary is really low. We do a lot of sacrifices. And I do hope that everyone here in the Philippines will see the importance of our job. We don't just work as what is demanded by us. We work with our discretion that's why we have NCP( nursing care plan). We give out care independently, dependently and collaboratively.
I do hope that a day will come and everyone will respect our profession. Until that day comes, I will still continue my pledge of being a professional nurse and do everything I can to save lives.
---> A post from my old blog last 2013

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