Trying Out Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine

I got so hungry since i havent eaten my breakfast and it is already 1:36 in the afternoon. I wanted to eat Jollibee's burger steak but there are so many costumers. So i decided to go outside from Limketkai mall and started walking towards Figaro and then i found this restaurant. There were about 4 different groups of costumer and the place seems fine. I decided to try it.

As they handed me the menu, the price were affordable. I mean i thought all prices would range from 300-500 but actually they were all lesser. They offer rice bowls with toppings for as low as P60 per serving. When I got seated, they offered me a glass of water and a pot of hot tea (Yeyyyy!). Oh yes, I love drinking tea. It calms me and makes me feel better. So I ordered one Kung Pao Shrimp as my dish and a cup of rice. For the drinks, I ordered pineapple shake.

I decided to find another seat since i want to be alone without anyone noticing me. After a few minutes maybe about 5, my food was served. But my pineapple drink is still not available which is okay since i am still enjoying my pot of tea. So let us try their food.

When the food was served and as I ate, it wasnt hot anymore. I am thinking that maybe the food was precooked since it was served so fast. Well, it doesnt really matter for me as long as it wont cause any problem in my stomach. By the way, I already got my pineapple shake after a few more minutes. I thount that the dish would be spicy since there are some big red "sili" and some green and red bell pepper. But the taste was actually sweet. It has about 7 pcs of shrimp. Not bad for a 199 cost of dish.  There were some nuts in the dish and some "pipino." The served rice was also not hot as well. The pineapple shake was okay. It is not that sweet nor sour.

So for the employees, they had great manners and when i thanked one of them, he replied "you're welcome maam" which is a good thing for me. It's just that I think their "supervisor" although i am not sure if it is the supervisor, was a bit loud and did not even mind me as a costumer sitting in the corner. She just continued chitchatting and laughing loudly and makes fun of some other employees which is very very unprofessional for me.

I just finished eating. I would give a rating of 7 out of 10. It could have been 8 but since i wanted a peaceful eating place and they were a bit loud so it is a 7. The food is good if you are into sweet types and since I am very hungry already so I finished the food fast. ;)

When I got the bill, they didnt charge for any service fee which is actually great. Thanks for the hot tea. It made me very very happy ;) :) I might be back to try some of their other dishes especially the tausi clams.

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