A Trip To Remember: Camiguin

Camiguin is a place located in Region 10 Mindanao area. You may visit there by riding a barge or an airplane from local airlines. It is famous and known for their White Island, Sunken cemetery, hot and cold springs as well as their beautiful falls.

This place was one of my wishlist and due to some emotional circumstances, I decided to finally visit the place along with my workmate/friend/tour guide and get some time and be in love with it.

This is the list of my expenses while I was there: (April 13, 2017)
P90- cdo to balingoan fare with Rural transit non-aircon
P2 -ticket fee
P15- terminal fee
P170- barge fare Balingoan to Camiguin
P23- Benoni port to Mambajao where we stayed (Multicab fare)
P550- per night stay at Northern Lights non-aircon room 2-bed capacity
P8- rela ride to the market
P800-Pakyaw Habal-habal wholeday with driver :p
(P500- if motor only)
P30- entrance fee to hot spring
P30- entrance fee to Katibawasan Falls
P325- snorkeling with gears and guide and entrance fee at the Giant Clams viewing
P15- entrance fee before going to white island
P490- Bangka to White Island
P10- kiping (food yummy esp those sold at the Katibawasan falls)
P30- Cold spring entrance fee

So we just choose these places since it was an unplanned adventure trip. That was my very first experience to Camiguin and I was immediately inlove with the place. We also went to the sunken cemetery and it was a free place, no need for any entrance fee. Unless ofcourse if you want to go snorkeling there which would cost maybe roughly aroung 300-400 pesos with the Bangka.

It was a very memorable trip and I enjoyed it a lot. The food there was very affordable and the taste is good. I recommend trying “Rico’s” liempo. It only cost P150 pesos. The taste is actually yummy and crunchy.

What my friend and I did was to just wear our swimming attire all throughout the trip around Camiguin and just bring a jacket and a sarong. We use the jacket whenever we ride the habal.habal and the sarong as our towel every after each wet adventure. We also brought our cellphone, sunblock and wallet since we dont like to bring any bulgy and big things that will bring hassle to us and cost us our time to change outfit every now and then. We managed to visit whole 5 minicipalities of Camiguin within half-day starting at 6am trip. We werent able to visit Mantigue since we want to go home by the afternoon. I will be back soon to visit the place and maybe stay there longer.

So if u want some adventure, just bring what you need. You dont have to bring your entire house (lol)

Unplanned trips are usually the best!

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