Being A GentleMan

A post that I have recently read from Facebook written by one of my batchmate in college.

----I can't help but to speak out that we 'men' out there are not always the same as what women used to think.
Ladies often say that 'all men are the same', but please do know the difference between a man and real gentleman. A man is basically the 'nice guy' type whose actions are primarily to impress the girl but indecisive of his feelings and actions because all he intends to do is flaunt out but never took the relationship that seriously especially if he gets bored with it. Which is typically the 'douche bag' guy who is often bad at handling long term relationships and thinks that "women are just so hard to figure out".
But a real gentleman is a leader. He has a plan and takes charge of the time he spends with the lady of his choice and carefully understands how to create attraction in women. He never takes relationships that lightly for he knows that it takes serious maturity to effectively handle the relationship. He knows that before speaking your concerns, give them thought, then do so appropriately; because a gentleman doesn't just tell his lady he loves her, he shows it. The acknowledgement of a gentleman is found through his actions and the word in which he gives. Lastly..
"Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But, being a gentleman is a matter of choice."

*Emman Dave Galve

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