I'm Proud to be Called RN

At 1:30 p.m. on January 30, 2013, I decided to look at my phone for any messages. To my surprise, my college classmates texted me and said that our most awaited Nursing Licensure Examination result is already available. I felt my heart beating so fast because I have not yet prepared for it to come.
However, I did not have any internet connection. So, I called up my childhood friend to search for my name on the list of the board exam passers. After a few minutes, she called me and paused for a couple of seconds. Suddenly, she shouted on the phone and said that I passed. I cannot really believe it the first time I heard what she said. Then, I started screaming and crying. "To God be the glory" that's all I have ever said. I am now an official Registered NURSE!
During board exam

For five years f preparation, four years in college and a year for review, the final judgement has been done. The result is now available and I thank God for giving me this great start-up blessing for this year 2013. I know that I cannot do this on my own and using my own knowledge only. God has given me what I have always dreamed of since the day  I decided to took up nursing, answered a lot of scholarship exams, first day of school in college up until the day that I have graduated last March 2012 and took the board exam last December on the same year. He is truly amazing.
I would also like to thank all the people involved in my life and journey for this success. I want to thank my parents for being there for me from the day I was born and all throughout my life. I also want to thank my churchmates, friends, relatives and all the people involve in helping me pray for the result and even when I was still in college. A special thanks to my Alma Mater- Xavier University, to the Dean of the College in Nursing and to my dearest clinical instructors for teaching and molding me to become a competent nurse during college. Also, to the PLC review center lecturers and staff that had been very patient enough during the review and in-house program. And to all the people out there that I have not yet mentioned; thank you so much. I could have never achieved this success without all of you.
My graduation day

And now, I am proud to say that I am an official Registered Nurse!

Working as a clinic/phlebo nurse
Having this success is not yet the end but only the beginning for another chapter in my life. There are still a lot of battles that I need to overcome and I know that I will still make it through it all because of God and to all the people that has always supported me. From this day onward, I do promise to use this success for the betterment of my country, community and all the people around me.