The 2013 First Outing

The year 2012 has finally ended with a blast and everyone embraced 2013 with their smiling faces. Indeed, there are a lot of things that had happened in all areas of the Philippines. Good or bad events, Filipinos will always have their smiles in their faces. That is a beauty where in no other culture will ever replace.

One thing about celebrating New Years here in the Philippines is that it will always be FUN! Every family will prepare each of their preferred dish. Most of them will also lit up those loud, colorful fireworks. Others will even prepare all the 21 round shaped kind of fruits. These are just some of the traditions that are readily seen during a New Year's eve.

"The Shoe House"
This one big shoe is actually an attractive thing at the playground of Mergrande Beach Resort at Davao City. The services of the place is quite good as well as their food at a very affordable price.
So basically, my first travel along with my family is at Davao. Even if the weather wasn't really cooperating during our vacation, still 'twas all worth it. Besides, going out with my family will always make the twist, color and flavor to any place that I will go.
"A Great Debut Reception"
Well obviously, the resort also has a nice function hall that can be used for debut's, birthdays, weddings and others. Perfect timing! A debut was being prepared when we got there. (We weren't invited though.)

 "Mom's Province"
Our family also went to the province where my mom was born. The place was called Sitio Bulano, Kapalong, Davao del Norte. We had about 12 hours of travel from our house to that mountainous place. 

This was the main reason why our family packed up each of our own traveling bags. We went to that place to witness the renewal of vows from my grandparents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. Plus, a side-by-side reunion had occurred.

Here is the lovely couple

cake eating