Large Pizza Meal

Last January 13, 2013, our family decided to go out and have some time together. We then decided to eat at a certain restaurant at a newly opened mall here in our city. This restaurant creates huge pizzas-- American style as they say. So we ordered the "Chicago (I forgot the whole name) Pizza"
We waited for it to be cooked for about 30 minutes. So, I waited...

And then waited...

Until the pizza is served!

With a thin crust full of cheese, ham and other meat inside and out. It is really tasty...

And even my niece is enjoying her meal!

Nothing beats eating anywhere with your family around. =)
Family bond does not necessarily be created in a very expensive way like going on a vacation. Eating together is one of the most simplest way to be with your family. Even watching movies inside the house is all worth it. Having a chit chat and just giving your quality time with them is already worth a thousand smile and memories.
So, have time with them now!